Isle of North Uist

“Taigh Chearsabhagh sits on the solid rock overlooking the tidal bay that is Lochmaddy (Loch nam Madadh – the Loch of the Dogs). Our organisation is  community focused, offering a stimulating and dynamic cultural programme of activities all year round for the people of Uist and visitors. We are proud of our reputation as a haven for visitors and creative practitioners.

We are a unique organisation in an incredible location. We provide a hub for the arts, heritage and economic development of North Uist, and the Centre’s work reflects the Gaelic community, language and culture that makes the ‘place’.” –

“As the only maritime heritage centre in the Western Isles, Grimsay Boat Haven provides a focus for our island history and identity.  From the popular Grimsay Boat Days to the new Boat Haven, Grimsay has been active in preserving the Uists’ boatbuilding and fishing heritage for more than 20 years.” –

“The Grimsay Boatshed was established in 2001 to ensure the survival of the Stewart boatbuilding skills and to maintain the local fishing fleet. It can handle boats up to 12m and 20 tonnes, with a full-time Lead Craftsman/Manager and two Boat Craftsmen. The Boatshed has also created unique educational and training materials in traditional boatbuilding, approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.” –

“The Boatshed is the current working boasted which maintains the local fishing fleet, it includes a small display area with viewing windows into the working part of the Boatshed, as well as two permanent panels on the Boatshed’s community and educational activities.” – (Boats of the GRIMSAY BOAT HAVEN, PORT BÀTAICHEAN GHRIOMSAIGH, Ceann na h-Àirigh, Grimsay, North Uist.)

The Old Kenary Boatshed on Scotvein Bay is where the Stewart family built ‘Grimsay Boats‘ for 150 years, you can visit this boasted on the self-guided ‘Grimsay Boat Trail