RSE Community Heritage Workshops

This RSE-funded research project seeks to understand the role of community heritage for island life in relation to well-being and climate action. The research builds upon earlier projects carried out in partnership with Ergadia Heritage, the National Library of Scotland, and SCHA, scoping the value of a network for collaboration within the community heritage sector in Scotland in 2019. By bringing people and organisations across the country into dialogue about cultural heritage preservation, ways may be found for Scotland to have a collective vision.

The local voice is central to the project. Communities are encouraged to shape their own vision for Scottish heritage preservation through active participation. This vision will be enabled by a series of 12 workshops around Scotland, running from May 15th to October 25th 2019. The workshops offer a grass roots participatory forum in which to share ideas about ways to safeguard community heritage in Scotland.

After the workshop series, a conference was held in St Andrews aiming to share preliminary project results and to discuss strategies for the community heritage sector. The results from the project will be made public through social media and the academic press.   

Kyle of Lochalsh

The roadshow workshops were facilitated in partnership with the University of St Andrews, the National Library of Scotland and Ergadia Heritage. This project has been established to help bring about positive change for community heritage in Scotland.

We talked about networks, sharing ideas about how a new national network might look, and what it could do for community heritage. Each roadshow workshop was informal and followed a simple format with an opening speaker followed by discussion workshops.

This project is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).